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Your home’s boiler

Modern boilers are impressive pieces of engineering. Designed to operate without any effort on your part, day in day out, for years at a time it’s easy to see why you only really think about them when they go wrong. And because boilers normally operate so flawlessly, it’s difficult to know exactly what to do. At Mannix Plumbing, Heating & Gas, we make it easy for you to make the right choice.

Boiler maintenance and repairs

Even if your boiler hasn’t gone wrong, it’s always best to make sure it’s as well maintained as possible. We offer complete check-up and maintenance services to keep everything as it should. If your boiler has broken down in any way or is simply acting a little oddly, our local engineers will carry out full repairs to ensure that your hot water and central heating remains as warm as you need it.

Complete boiler replacement

Sometimes a boiler really is simply past its best. When this happens the most sensible course of action is usually to replace it entirely. We will help you to choose a new boiler based on your individual requirements, be it heating capacity, control software or efficiency. Once you have decided, we will install your chosen boiler and ensure that everything is set up properly.

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Finance Options

Why not spread the cost of your new boiler with our flexible low monthly finance plans.

Boiler Services

Even if your boiler hasn’t gone wrong, it’s always best to make sure it’s well maintained.